So. Broke.

Look, I came back!! (again, damnit.)



Dear grad school, you suck the fun (read as: money) out of everything.

Between wedding planning and living on my stipend…it’s rough. But the good news is that my awesome boss at the yarn store is letting me teach some classes on Sundays!! Yes, this means I’m going to be working both Saturday AND some Sundays….in addition to doing long runs on Sundays…and…yeah. Just one more year…one more year…one more year….then I SWEAR, mom, I SWEAR I’ll get a real, big-girl, all grown up, adult job.

I hope.

I’ll try, at least.

Let’s go to some pictures, shall we?

Engagement Pictures by Christina Wolfe Photography:

LW0A6129 adj

LW0A6407 adj

LW0A6108 bw

Best Christmas Presents EVERRRR…

Photo Dec 25, 9 05 43 PM







Photo Nov 29, 12 00 16 PM


Then I cast on another…

Photo Dec 20, 7 58 56 PM


Then I am working on some socks from my handspun Hedgehog Fibres

Photo Jan 02, 9 43 19 PM


Aaaannd that’s all for now. More coherence next time, I swear.


Blog Neglect

Ooookay…..I peaced out for the first year of grad school. 

So…let’s call a truce and do a photo update? Yes? Ok.

I left you in August…so….

September: Went to UT Football game.



October: Color run!!!


November: Half Marathon



December: Finished a lot of things for gifts…


January: GOT ENGAGED!!!! He proposed by hiding the ring in my project…no joke. View full story on the project page. 








February: Conference in OrlandoImage

March: I LEARNED TO CROCHET!!! Thanks FreshStitches!!Image

April: Short beach trip


May: Ok well May was a little crazy with school and finals so….here’s my cat.


June: Cousin got married and dad went all kinds of Steel Magnolias on birds….



Yes….yes that is a double barrel shotgun under dad’s arm. So proud.


Ok….now…to work at the LYS then….I will do a real, legit post.