Santa Has An AK

So…let me just say that this is the second time I’ve typed this…because wordpress ate the first one. Let’s hope I can pull another one out without wanting to punch someone in the face.


I have officially begun my trek in to the world of academia once again. PhD, here we go!! (In fact I’m typing this at my desk because I got to campus WAY too early…I distinctly remember parking being way harder than it apparently is…or maybe the undergrads all slept in.)

Knitting News

I finished some AWESOME socks!! So proud. And of course I immediately cast on another pair. I went with pink and black this time around. (Ok so most of my socks are pink. I need to work on branching out…nah.) The ones I just finished were in the neon lights colorway. These new ones are a random/leftover coloway from UPP. I vote that she keeps this one around. 🙂

Neon Lights Socks!

New UPP Socks


I also finished my first pair of fingerless mitts, YAY!! They…are also pink. (QUIT JUDGING ME) So now I’m working on Christmas 2012…and trying to knit less this year. Last year it was something insane like 12 projects. So far I’ve got one completed project and two on the needles. Aunt S’s present is done, Aunt C’s is a Multnomah (I get a pattern I like and run with it, ok??!!) then Uncle W is getting a Texas Longhorn’s scarf…I’m about a foot in to that one. I may pull it out and work on it while I sit here and wait on my 11am meeting.

Fingerless Mitts FINISHED

Aunt C’s Shawl

Uncle W’s Scarf


Other than that…I really need to finish BT’s wedding shawl from…oh….a year ago? HA. I’m fashionably late. Then I’ve got 2 other people to knit for and that should take care of Christmas. But mind you…this is while I’m doing my first semester of PhD work…so I have NO idea how much or how little knitting time I will have.

Let’s review the Christmas 2012 goals:

  • Aunt S – Mittens – DONE
  • Aunt C – Shawl – On Needles
  • Uncle W – Scarf – On Needles
  • Cousin K – Scarf – Almost done, started last Christmas
  • Cousin J – Hat – Yarn spun and ready
  • Aunt Co – Quickie Cowl – Have yarn
  • Grandma – Felted Slippers – Need yarn
  • Beth – Wedding Shawl if I get in gear – Need to frog
  • L&H – Crap…I forgot about that. They may get gift cards.

And…the list got out of control. Ugh. I’m never going to get to knit for me, am I??!

Spinning Stuff

So weirdly enough, my hands are all peeling. Gross, I know, but I tell you this because what I have on the wheel right now…is silk. Pure silk from caps to be exact…and there’s NO spinning that with rough hands. UGH!!!

Wants and needs

Totally unrelated to fiber arts, but I want a new power cord for my Macbook!!! I’m thinking having one at home and one in my office will be easier than dragging the cord from place to place. I’m considering getting one from Amazon but they have gotten horrible reviews…but it’s half the price of the Apple one…which oddly has also gotten horrible reviews. Maybe next paycheck.

I also really want some new sock yarn. Not that I don’t have any…but I feel like it’s ALL the same. I noticed this the other night as I was picking out what socks to knit next.And then…I listened to Just One More Row…and their Striped Sock KAL. Um…hi. I heart them already but…bringing me to new sock yarns?!? Ohhh emmm geee.

Let’s talk about Goth Socks. Cheshire Cat colorway?!?! YES PLEASE!!! Except…Montpelier is coming up….and I’m saving for that. Anyone else going!?!

And then there’s Lollipop Yarn…if I could just catch her updates!!! Rwar!! But she’s got some awesome stuff. I think I’m going to wait patiently for some Halloween colorways. For some reason Halloween just screams “striped socks” to me.

Workout World

GOOD NEWS!! I got back on track (kinda) this weekend! Saturday I ran 8 miles with my mother. Technically if I went with the original schedule I drafted, I needed to do 10 or 11…but that’s way more than I really need if I want to do a November half. Originally when I made the schedule it was just to get back in to training, for no particular race. The last few times I’ve set out to train for a specific half marathon or marathon…I’ve fallen off the wagon rather early in the game and either didn’t race…or had a bad race. So this time I figured I’d train up to 10-12 miles, then maintain. So far…I’m good. I’m looking at doing the Outer Banks Half in November or a local half.

The (kinda) part of “on track” refers to my strength training regimen. Ugh. I fell off that wagon and it left me in the dust. BUT!! I have a new plan that incorporates my school/work schedule.

Except I realized I forgot the “work” part of that schedule. I scheduled long runs on Saturday…but some Saturday’s I work from 10-6. Crap. Crap on a stick. AND I have a lot of travel coming up. Man…I need a backup plan. See THIS is how I fall off the training wagon!! DARN YOU LIFE-THINGS!!!! (Thanks to my friend over at Domesticated Academic for letting me steal her term right there.)

Well guess I have some more planning to do. *huff*

General Chatter

Santa has an AK. Not even kidding and I so wish I’d taken a picture but…ya know…probably best not to provoke those carrying assault rifles. Apparently there’s a guy down the road from me…that looks like Santa. And he likes to stand in his driveway, beside the road…in flip flops holding his rifle at random hours. My friend who lives near me says he does this often. I assume the police are aware…as she works closely with law enforcement for her job and…well…I’m sure SOMEONE would call the police about this…right? Sure…so…for now…I’m just gonna give Santa a wide berth.

School-wise…I’m so thankful to be here. I can’t even put in to words how happy  I am to be on campus…it’s so amazing compared to where I was last year. I feel important here. Appreciated. It’s fantastic. I even have my own desk in an office I share with some other grad students. I’ve been hard at work decorating it…since I don’t have a metric ton of work to do yet. So far I’ve put up pictures that some former students drew for me…a picture of my cow…a magic bonsai tree (not kidding) and of course, buttons.

My Cube!!

Some artwork and trinkets from kids I used to teach.

So…I’m a hippy girl. I like trees. So I got one for my desk.




I’m sure whatever that tree really is…isn’t plant-life. I’m mildly concerned that it’s a form of mold. But…it’ll sit there until someone accidentally bumps my desk and it falls to pieces.

Awesome Award

This week’s Awesome Award goes to a person very dear to me. Teresa Davis was my department head, mentor, and friend for my first three years of teaching. She saved me. I can’t put in to words how much I admire and respect her. She goes above and beyond for her students at all times. She works nights, weekends, and gives her own money to help our students.

Where she teaches, the students are mostly below the poverty line. Teachers had to buy notebooks, pencils, pens, scissors, and even lab supplies. At least $50 a month from my paycheck went back in to the school in the form of supplies for my classroom that the school system did not provide. Teresa probably contributes double or triple that to her kids, and you can see it in her classroom and her test scores. She gives those kids everything she has, and then some. She is what every teacher should be. She’s phenomenal.

Recently, a grant that our school had for advanced science classes has run out. Teresa is still determined to give our kids the same opportunities that students at affluent schools have, even without the money coming in. She has set up a page on If you can contribute, even a dollar, it will go to some kids that don’t get many opportunities, and don’t get much encouragement, except from teachers like Teresa. She does everything she can to give them a better future.

Teresa’s Page –

She’s not too far from her goal…and not asking for much. If you’ve got an extra dollar, send it her way.


Have a great week! (Ok…please save this, wordpress…please…)


Sock-a-holic’s Anonymous

Hi, I’m KP, and I’m a sock-a-holic.

Hi KP…

Yeah. Not even kidding. I have problems. Most of them start with the word “sock” and end with the word “yarn”.

All my other problems start with “Boys” and end with “are dumb” but that’s a whole ‘nother story that we don’t want to talk about because this blog is a happy place and I DON’T WANT THAT $%*& IN MY HAPPY PLACE!!!!!! *remembers to breathe*

Ahem. Socks.

See, this? This is why I knit…so I don’t stab people (dumb boys) with….well…my dpn’s.

SO. Socks. Really now.

Last week I finished one pair…that I had started pre-Christmas knitting

I say they match as long as they are from the same ball of yarn, ok?

I say they match as long as they are from the same ball of yarn, ok?

…my yarn from The Loopy Ewe arrived *SQUEE*



….and I started and finish one sock out of my freaking favorite UPP colorway EVER.

Sock ONE!

Sock ONE!

ALSO…got to see UPP’s new roving fresh out of the dye-pot

Unplanned Peacock Merino Robin's Egg (I think)

Unplanned Peacock Merino Robin's Egg (I think)

Unplanned Peacock roving in I forget what colorway (BAD PR PERSON, BAD!!)

Unplanned Peacock roving in I forget what colorway (BAD PR PERSON, BAD!!)

and did some spinning of a sample so we will have that to take to Pittsburgh next month.

UPP roving spun up.

UPP roving spun up.

But to my main point…

All I want to do…is knit socks. I’ve officially decided that all socks (excluding ones I wear running/working out…because come on now, that is dishonor to the yarn) should be hand knit. ALL socks. All of them. And all shoes should be designed to show off my hand-knit socks.

Now I’m not big in to patterns…I doubt you will ever catch me making any fancy shmancy lace socks. It’s just not me. I’ve birthed a 99lb calf before, ok? Lace and I just don’t go together. I’m sorry. No offense to all of you out there who love lace and love fancy socks. It’s just NOT me. Quite frankly I think it reminds me of really bad childhood memories of mom dressing me up for church and other occasions in lacy ruffled socks that itched and did not allow for playing tag…maybe I should see a Cogknitive Therapist for some help on that issue…but for now, knitting lace socks (or really lace anything) just isn’t going to happen.

I’m a plain vanilla sock type girl. I start with my ribbing…knit down the leg…turn my heel (heel flap) and rock out till the toe…so if you want to see fancy socks, don’t look at my blog. But if you want rocking socks in awesome colors…keep clicking. 🙂

I’m so sock-obsessed that I’ve memorized kitchener. Not even kidding. I can kitchener in my sleep…not that I recommend it…the last few stitches end up a bit wonky and sometimes things fall off the needles….

But really. I…knit socks. A lot. The same pattern. Over. And over. And over. And I’m NOT tired of it!!!!!! What is wrong with me?!?!

Personally, I blame the sock yarn makers.

I mean…what other weights of yarn can you pick up, right off the shelf, and know that you have ONE WHOLE PROJECT in your hands? You already know it’s the right amount of yarn…you know what needles will work…you know what patterns even! And don’t even get me started on the colors. I swear, no yarn is ever as pretty as sock yarn.

*holds up a skein of sock yarn*

See? IT WILL BE SOCKS! I know this. I know I have enough yarn. I know I won’t run out (unless I knit for a big-footed person…which I don’t know if I will ever attempt again) and I know it will not make me go batshit crazy.

Granted I could make a nice shawl with my sock yarn…I could make a baby sweater…but I lose things off my shoulders that aren’t tied on…and I don’t have babies (boys are dumb and evil) so that kind of rules that out.

I may try a shawl…there are some pretty shawl pins that I’m told will prevent the slippage…but…I’m also messy and somewhat accident prone. I have horrid visions of the edge of the shawl getting sucked in to something…perhaps the conveyor belt at the grocery store…and me getting pulled right in with it…flailing about with my apples tossed in the air and my hand-knit-sock-clad feet over my head and the handsome man (who I will now never have a chance with) behind me backing slowly away…(running)…so really I just don’t know if I’m up to shawls yet.

So for now…I shall stick to socks. They are safe.



Just Keep Spinning…

Just keep spinning, spinning, spinning…what do you do, you spin, SPIN, SPIN!

So I spun a lot.

Roving + Wheel = Yarn, YAY!!!

Roving + Wheel = Yarn, YAY!!!

And I completed some stuff…

Laura's socks are FINALLY done!!!

Laura's socks are FINALLY done!!!

And I WON some stuff!

I won Unplanned Peacock's Picture Contest!!! Winning = YARN!!!

I won Unplanned Peacock's Picture Contest!!! Winning = YARN!!!

And I earned some stuff!!!!

I started working for Unplanned Peacock. I skein yarn...and am paid in yarn.

I started working for Unplanned Peacock. I skein yarn...and am paid in yarn.

That last picture is the newest colorway, Mermaid. It’s not up on the site yet, but email her and she will totally get you some!!! It’s probably my FAVORITE colorway she has.

I’ve spun around 205 yd of my Merino top that I got from Stony Mountain Fiber’s booth at the Montpelier Fiber Fest in Oct.

Speaking of Fiber Fests…anyone in the Pittsburgh area??? Who’s going to the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival in February?? I AM!!! Woot! I’m going with UPP (Unplanned Peacock) to work her booth!! COME SAY HI!!!!!

I’m super excited to be “working” for Natasha. I really want to learn more about dying and I’m thrilled to get to help out in her studio and travel with her! And did I mention I’m paid in YARN!?!?!?!

OH OH OH!! Also!?!? Totally sold another one of my necklaces at my LYS.

Knit One Purl Two Necklace. Available on Etsy!

Knit One Purl Two Necklace. Available on Etsy!

I’m also going to be selling my KOPT necklaces and earrings in the UPP booth at Pittsburgh so YAY that!!!! SQUEE!!!

It’s been a few weeks of yarny goodness. ALSO!!! My best friend got me a gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe and I got MORE sock yarn!!! I got T-Boheme by Sweet Georgia. SQUEE!!! I mean HOW PRETTY IS THAT?!?!?!

Terribly exciting stuff. Plus my very best friend is coming in TOMORROW and we will be going on a small yarn crawl down to Greensboro NC! She’s not much of a knitter, but she loves me enough to follow me in to the yarny depths. I’ll bring her to the dark side yet…*evil grin*

Well that’s all I have for now…going to go download some patterns from Rav…and watch NBC’s Thursday Night lineup. Gotta love it!