So. Broke.

Look, I came back!! (again, damnit.)



Dear grad school, you suck the fun (read as: money) out of everything.

Between wedding planning and living on my stipend…it’s rough. But the good news is that my awesome boss at the yarn store is letting me teach some classes on Sundays!! Yes, this means I’m going to be working both Saturday AND some Sundays….in addition to doing long runs on Sundays…and…yeah. Just one more year…one more year…one more year….then I SWEAR, mom, I SWEAR I’ll get a real, big-girl, all grown up, adult job.

I hope.

I’ll try, at least.

Let’s go to some pictures, shall we?

Engagement Pictures by Christina Wolfe Photography:

LW0A6129 adj

LW0A6407 adj

LW0A6108 bw

Best Christmas Presents EVERRRR…

Photo Dec 25, 9 05 43 PM







Photo Nov 29, 12 00 16 PM


Then I cast on another…

Photo Dec 20, 7 58 56 PM


Then I am working on some socks from my handspun Hedgehog Fibres

Photo Jan 02, 9 43 19 PM


Aaaannd that’s all for now. More coherence next time, I swear.


Santa Has An AK

So…let me just say that this is the second time I’ve typed this…because wordpress ate the first one. Let’s hope I can pull another one out without wanting to punch someone in the face.


I have officially begun my trek in to the world of academia once again. PhD, here we go!! (In fact I’m typing this at my desk because I got to campus WAY too early…I distinctly remember parking being way harder than it apparently is…or maybe the undergrads all slept in.)

Knitting News

I finished some AWESOME socks!! So proud. And of course I immediately cast on another pair. I went with pink and black this time around. (Ok so most of my socks are pink. I need to work on branching out…nah.) The ones I just finished were in the neon lights colorway. These new ones are a random/leftover coloway from UPP. I vote that she keeps this one around. 🙂

Neon Lights Socks!

New UPP Socks


I also finished my first pair of fingerless mitts, YAY!! They…are also pink. (QUIT JUDGING ME) So now I’m working on Christmas 2012…and trying to knit less this year. Last year it was something insane like 12 projects. So far I’ve got one completed project and two on the needles. Aunt S’s present is done, Aunt C’s is a Multnomah (I get a pattern I like and run with it, ok??!!) then Uncle W is getting a Texas Longhorn’s scarf…I’m about a foot in to that one. I may pull it out and work on it while I sit here and wait on my 11am meeting.

Fingerless Mitts FINISHED

Aunt C’s Shawl

Uncle W’s Scarf


Other than that…I really need to finish BT’s wedding shawl from…oh….a year ago? HA. I’m fashionably late. Then I’ve got 2 other people to knit for and that should take care of Christmas. But mind you…this is while I’m doing my first semester of PhD work…so I have NO idea how much or how little knitting time I will have.

Let’s review the Christmas 2012 goals:

  • Aunt S – Mittens – DONE
  • Aunt C – Shawl – On Needles
  • Uncle W – Scarf – On Needles
  • Cousin K – Scarf – Almost done, started last Christmas
  • Cousin J – Hat – Yarn spun and ready
  • Aunt Co – Quickie Cowl – Have yarn
  • Grandma – Felted Slippers – Need yarn
  • Beth – Wedding Shawl if I get in gear – Need to frog
  • L&H – Crap…I forgot about that. They may get gift cards.

And…the list got out of control. Ugh. I’m never going to get to knit for me, am I??!

Spinning Stuff

So weirdly enough, my hands are all peeling. Gross, I know, but I tell you this because what I have on the wheel right now…is silk. Pure silk from caps to be exact…and there’s NO spinning that with rough hands. UGH!!!

Wants and needs

Totally unrelated to fiber arts, but I want a new power cord for my Macbook!!! I’m thinking having one at home and one in my office will be easier than dragging the cord from place to place. I’m considering getting one from Amazon but they have gotten horrible reviews…but it’s half the price of the Apple one…which oddly has also gotten horrible reviews. Maybe next paycheck.

I also really want some new sock yarn. Not that I don’t have any…but I feel like it’s ALL the same. I noticed this the other night as I was picking out what socks to knit next.And then…I listened to Just One More Row…and their Striped Sock KAL. Um…hi. I heart them already but…bringing me to new sock yarns?!? Ohhh emmm geee.

Let’s talk about Goth Socks. Cheshire Cat colorway?!?! YES PLEASE!!! Except…Montpelier is coming up….and I’m saving for that. Anyone else going!?!

And then there’s Lollipop Yarn…if I could just catch her updates!!! Rwar!! But she’s got some awesome stuff. I think I’m going to wait patiently for some Halloween colorways. For some reason Halloween just screams “striped socks” to me.

Workout World

GOOD NEWS!! I got back on track (kinda) this weekend! Saturday I ran 8 miles with my mother. Technically if I went with the original schedule I drafted, I needed to do 10 or 11…but that’s way more than I really need if I want to do a November half. Originally when I made the schedule it was just to get back in to training, for no particular race. The last few times I’ve set out to train for a specific half marathon or marathon…I’ve fallen off the wagon rather early in the game and either didn’t race…or had a bad race. So this time I figured I’d train up to 10-12 miles, then maintain. So far…I’m good. I’m looking at doing the Outer Banks Half in November or a local half.

The (kinda) part of “on track” refers to my strength training regimen. Ugh. I fell off that wagon and it left me in the dust. BUT!! I have a new plan that incorporates my school/work schedule.

Except I realized I forgot the “work” part of that schedule. I scheduled long runs on Saturday…but some Saturday’s I work from 10-6. Crap. Crap on a stick. AND I have a lot of travel coming up. Man…I need a backup plan. See THIS is how I fall off the training wagon!! DARN YOU LIFE-THINGS!!!! (Thanks to my friend over at Domesticated Academic for letting me steal her term right there.)

Well guess I have some more planning to do. *huff*

General Chatter

Santa has an AK. Not even kidding and I so wish I’d taken a picture but…ya know…probably best not to provoke those carrying assault rifles. Apparently there’s a guy down the road from me…that looks like Santa. And he likes to stand in his driveway, beside the road…in flip flops holding his rifle at random hours. My friend who lives near me says he does this often. I assume the police are aware…as she works closely with law enforcement for her job and…well…I’m sure SOMEONE would call the police about this…right? Sure…so…for now…I’m just gonna give Santa a wide berth.

School-wise…I’m so thankful to be here. I can’t even put in to words how happy  I am to be on campus…it’s so amazing compared to where I was last year. I feel important here. Appreciated. It’s fantastic. I even have my own desk in an office I share with some other grad students. I’ve been hard at work decorating it…since I don’t have a metric ton of work to do yet. So far I’ve put up pictures that some former students drew for me…a picture of my cow…a magic bonsai tree (not kidding) and of course, buttons.

My Cube!!

Some artwork and trinkets from kids I used to teach.

So…I’m a hippy girl. I like trees. So I got one for my desk.




I’m sure whatever that tree really is…isn’t plant-life. I’m mildly concerned that it’s a form of mold. But…it’ll sit there until someone accidentally bumps my desk and it falls to pieces.

Awesome Award

This week’s Awesome Award goes to a person very dear to me. Teresa Davis was my department head, mentor, and friend for my first three years of teaching. She saved me. I can’t put in to words how much I admire and respect her. She goes above and beyond for her students at all times. She works nights, weekends, and gives her own money to help our students.

Where she teaches, the students are mostly below the poverty line. Teachers had to buy notebooks, pencils, pens, scissors, and even lab supplies. At least $50 a month from my paycheck went back in to the school in the form of supplies for my classroom that the school system did not provide. Teresa probably contributes double or triple that to her kids, and you can see it in her classroom and her test scores. She gives those kids everything she has, and then some. She is what every teacher should be. She’s phenomenal.

Recently, a grant that our school had for advanced science classes has run out. Teresa is still determined to give our kids the same opportunities that students at affluent schools have, even without the money coming in. She has set up a page on If you can contribute, even a dollar, it will go to some kids that don’t get many opportunities, and don’t get much encouragement, except from teachers like Teresa. She does everything she can to give them a better future.

Teresa’s Page –

She’s not too far from her goal…and not asking for much. If you’ve got an extra dollar, send it her way.


Have a great week! (Ok…please save this, wordpress…please…)

What Your Moped Means to Me


It’s been a little while since I’ve made a real post. The last few weeks have been tied up with family issues and then vacations. First my Uncle, who is like a second father to me, wound up in the hospital and then had to have surgery…so needless to say I dropped most things and spent several days driving back and forth to the hospital. He’s still in the hospital, but is recovering fairly well. Then…I went on a much needed vacation to the beach. More on that in a wee-bit. Let’s get started.

Knitting News

I finished TWO projects since we last chatted!!! Two!!!! AND STARTED A THIRD!!!! And no one had better point out the other 15 UFO’s hanging out around my house. Most of which I haven’t even put on Rav because I don’t want to face the numbers. I am not a monogamous knitter, ok?? Ok.

So…the Inishbofin Cowl from KnitScene Accessories is DONE! He-whom-it-is-for does not know this yet…and hopefully won’t read this or see me modeling it. Hehehe. If he does, he can harass me about mailing it. I’ll get there eventually.

Cowl completion!!



Then I knit up a pair of mittens for my Aunt for Christmas. Yeah, you heard me. ONE CHRISTMAS PRESENT DONE!!! HA!!!!!


Mittens DONE!!

Then finally, I started some fingerless mitts for myself. I used my regular mitten pattern and added a 2×2 cable about 6sts in for the left mitt, and 23 sts in is the plan on the right. For the left it should have been over another 2 sts, but…then I would have had to move things on to different dpns and my sts wouldn’t have been even on each needle and…I was lazy, ok?? Sheesh.


Fingerless Mitt #1

I worked on my neon socks a little bit too. I…should put some of these things in the Ravewhatever Games. I joined like 3 teams. I should…ya know…compete.
I’m a slacker. For more evidence, see below.

Spinning Stuff


Seriously. Haven’t touched a thing. I had a Tour De Fleece epic fail…and have continued to fail.

Wants and needs

To spin more.


Right now…I can’t stop buying buttons. Mostly from Ephemera and Beanforest. I needs them. I wants them. MUST HAVE ZE BUTTONS!!!!!

They go on my nifty new back-to-grad-school bag.

Dr Who Messenger Bag!!

Yeah….I’m a dork like that. So far…I’ve bought 6 new buttons this month. I need to post a picture of my button board…my purse is covered in buttons too…and sometimes they fall off. And then I cry. I need to sew them on. I’ve said that for…forever.

So what I want more than anything is a magical monkey to sew all my buttons on to things because I’m a slacker. Kthx. 🙂

Workout World

Last week I did a killer 7 mile LR. It was AWESOME. So happy with that one…however…this week I went to the beach. Aaaand I did nothing.

Can you blame me for not working out??

Actually I walked a lot…but we were only there 3 days, technically…it was one. Monday…we drove, Tuesday we beached, and Wednesday we drove home. So…yeah. Thursday I did bike a little…but I felt awful most of the day. Vacations wear you out!! But I’m slowly getting back in to things.

Today…I did one leg of a sprint distance triathlon. So there’s that. More on that in a wee bit. Tomorrow the goal is to do about 6-7 miles.


General Chatter

Well…as I mentioned, I start grad school in a few weeks. It’s starting to get all kinds of serious now, with meetings scheduled, and my first training for being a TA…but the fun part is all the new school stuff. I’m a sucker for school supplies…I can’t help myself. I LOVE NOTEBOOKS. And pens. Oh and don’t get me started on post-its and highlighters. SQUEEEEE!!!!

In other news, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, my neighbor annoys the $@!* out of me. In addition to his antics, we also have “The Vertical Trailer Park”.

I swear, it’s just this one building. All the other buildings in our complex are older people, or young post-college couples just starting out. But the VTP is ridiculous. It’s also the newest building in the complex which that right there just makes me want to rip my hair out…anyway. Everyone in the VTP…seems to be what one might call “trailer trash”. Most…seem to be related or at least in close association. Often people are wandering barefoot from one of the buildings stairwells to another. Frequently dragging kids back and forth. Or just screaming from one balcony to the other while hanging off the edge.

The cast of characters includes Little Hispanic Girl Who Glares, Big Lady Who Wears Things With Writing On The Rear, and my personal favorite, Orange Mohawk Safety Vest Marley Moped Man. That’s just a few of the gems. In fact, there is a whole moped crew, which that alone terrifies me. Driving a moped says one of two things: Either “I’m too broke to afford a real vehicle and think driving 35mph is socially acceptable” or “I have had so many DUI’s that this is all the state will allow me to operate”. Both of those just rub me the wrong way.

It is quality entertainment, but it’s starting to make me uneasy. The other day a man tried to sell me an air conditioner…and I’m fairly certain I saw a woman from social services doing a home check on one of the residences. Also I think two of the apartments are occupied by a husband and wife who are now divorced, because they yell at each other, transport kids back and forth between apartments, and both discipline the rugrats. It’s lovely. Really.

Before I go off on a rant about letting your children sit in the middle of a frequently used parking lot at 10:30pm…we will move on.

Awesome Award


Team KnitWits!


This week’s Awesome Award is for my mom and my good friend Jo!!! Both of them completed their first sprint distance triathlon as a relay team!!!!! Jo has a full-fledged sprint tri coming up soon, so this was her practice for it. Mom…is not a super-swimmer so this was a great way for her to compete without getting her feet wet!

Jo swam, I biked, and mom ran. It was a really great race and I’m SUPER proud of these two ladies for all their efforts.

And apparently we need to give my dad a bonus Awesome Award for his sprint with the camera. According to witnesses (DB and Jo’s Hubby) dad snapped a few pictures of me finishing the bike leg, then grabbed his chair, water, hat, and camera, and sprinted off to the run start to see mom before the rest of the group even knew he had moved. Apparently, he moved so rapidly that the rest of our support crew was talking to him one minuted, and couldn’t locate him the next. With all the races and horse shows dad has played pit-crew for, he clearly knows how to navigate a crowd, and make a speedy exit if needed. He also knows where to be with a camera. Thanks dad, for always supporting us. And way to be quick on your feet while toting all our crap and your chair…but next time maybe tell the noob’s where you went….

That’s it for now! Hope everyone had a good week or so while I disappeared. And look for more updates of the Vertical Trailer Park and Downstairs Neighbor…I’m sure they will come…


That’ll Be Dr. Knitter

Knitting News

So much yarn, so little time!!!

I’ve finished my Sweet Georgia Socks and am now working on some neon ones. I don’t know how to function without socks on the needles. Come on now. Sock knitting is about as addictive as tattoo’s…speaking of which…I feel that itch creeping up again, but anyway, back to knits.

I started a new job…at….yeah…a yarn store. It shall remain nameless for now because…eh…that’s too much personal info. But the shop is one of my favorites, and I’m UBER happy to be working there. It’s seriously the best job I think I’ve ever had. I’m SO happy to go to work every day. It’s amazing. I don’t do well with sitting ALL day so usually I straighten the yarn, pet the yarn, admire the yarn…and clean everything. Then knit for awhile…then wander the shop rearranging things. My favorite part is when the UPS guy comes with new merchandise. For one, this means I get to pet new yarn, and it’s another excuse to wander around the store. Overall, it’s the best job in the universe. Pretty sure.

I’ve had a bit of cast-on-itis lately. I started the Inishbofin Cowl which is in the latest KnitScene Accessories…but for some reason is not on Ravelry. It’s my first ever pattern with a chart *gasp* but so far it’s going well. It’s for a dear friend who lives in a chilly place so I’m hoping to get it done quickly.

I also have acquired yarn for two sets of mitts from KnitScene Accessories.

The ones on the cover will probably be first. That yarn was acquired on a trip to Tennessee. More on that later.

Other than that…and some awesome free yarn from my awesome boss…my mom just got back from Spain and what did she bring me?? YARN!!!!! It’s pink so I’m super excited about that. Some of it was straight acrylic…so that will be for someone’s baby somewhere. Most was Merino/Acrylic. Not too bad. I don’t know if she found a real yarn store or just a hobby shop. But hey, it’s yarn from Spain!! Although it weirdly is labeled in English…but it says Made in Spain so….yeah.

Spinning Stuff

Well I’ve moved to a new location and Eloise (my Schacht Matchless) is poised in the corner…with not much going on. I have to remedy this soon…especially with the Tour De Fleece starting TOMORROW!!! I’ve never spun for the TDF, but I joined this year. I’m in the rookie team, Peloton, Team Nerd Wars, Team Schacht, and Team Spindlers. I think 5 is good for my first year, right??? Man I need to find my current drop spindle project!!! *gasp*

Here’s the current fiber on the wheel. It’s been there for about 6 months. The goal is to FINISH IT!!!

I have been working on knitting my handspun merino in to a Multnomah. It’s going beautifully so far. Just started the feather and fan. Pictures to come!

Wants and Needs

I desperately want a new spinning wheel…but that’s not about to happen. But if I could, right now I’d get a Ashford Traditional. It’s light, portable, and a Sleeping Beauty style wheel. My Schacht is great, but it’s a beast. I’d love to have a little ashford to tote around.

Also I have a tattoo of an Ashford Traditional so…there’s that.

I also really want to get some Fleece Artist. I currently own none. With my given sock obsession, I really need to remedy this. In particular, I’d get the Twilight colorway. I don’t have socks that color…which is depressing.

Then there’s this…

It’s KFI Luxury Silk. We carry it at the store I work for…and I pet it every day. The problem is…it would be around $60 for two skeins….but there’s this perfect scalloped shawl pattern…yeah. I want it bad.

But…I’m about to be a broke PhD student….so wants aren’t happening. More on the PhD later.

Workout World

This is a new section, and not really knitting like the rest of my blog…but it’s something important to me. I also don’t think all knitters are as sedentary as the general populous believes.

I’m mainly a runner. I do 5K’s and half marathons. I also love triathlons so I do a bit of running and swimming as well. Here’s a little bit of my race remembrance wall. It’s motivation to do more.

Right now I’m trying to train for a marathon without a race in mind. Every time I’ve tried to do a full marathon training schedule with a goal race picked out…I fail. So…I’m just focusing on doing the distance, regardless of the race. If I make it to an 18 mile training run, then I’ll pick a race.

I’m also working on doing more toning. Currently I’m working on the 1000 Squat Challenge. The goal is to do 1000 squats in 1 week. I’m doing 150 a day for 6 days, then 100 the last day. So far I’ve done 300…and I’m starting to feel it. Anyone care to join?!?!

Also in my occasional Workout Wednesday post I’ll be sharing a favorite workout move, or a really good running story.

General Chatter

BIG NEWS!!!! I got accepted to a PhD program!!! I have officially QUIT TEACHING HIGH SCHOOL!!! BWAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! It’s OVER!!!!!! Finally!!!!! Phew. 3 years was more than enough servitude. I’m going to be working on my PhD and hopefully teaching college and doing research from here on out. No more getting cussed out (ideally), no more hormonal adolescents, no more parents blaming me for everything…Sweet freedom.

The PhD program has led to a move back to my old hometown, so I’m super happy about that as well. The DB (dear boyfriend) moved with me from his home in Tennessee, so…things are somewhat serious. Including…maybe a little engagement ring shopping and talk. NOTHING official yet but…it’s a thought. 🙂 We shall see.

Overall I’m THRILLED with this new opportunity and SO fortunate to be doing this program. It’s a 3 year program in Agricultural Education. I can’t wait to get started in August.

Awesome Award

This Awesome Award goes to Lindsay who was on Jeopardy tonight. (Yes I am a dork and I watch Jeopardy) She stated that she took pictures of litter that she would find in indoor places and posts it to her blog. When asked why, she said that she felt people that were rude should be publicly shamed.

I officially adore her. Mainly because I spent a full 50 minutes (10 minutes per class) each year trying to explain the difference in a TRASH CAN and a BOOKSHELF to my high school students. I had 5 trash cans in my room. One bookshelf. I can’t tell you the number of times I cleaned trash off my bookshelf.

Oh wait…yes I can. 180 days of school times the 2 years I was in that room. 360. There. That’s how many.

So Lindsay from Jeopardy….you are my hero for today.

Here’s a link to her tumblr.

Well that’s it for now. Have a good week!!!!