Best. Weekend. EVER!!!

Ok, I say that every year, this weekend.

Why? Because it was Montpelier Fiber Fest!!!! Every year I go with one of my favorite people in the whole world…she’s my mentor, my trainer and basically who I want to become when I grow up. I get to spend the whole weekend with her and her family, some other friends, AND we go to a fiber fest, AND get awesome food (because her mom is an amazing cook) AND I get to run one of my favorite routes, AND I get my flu shot!!! YES!!!

I’m not kidding, this weekend even makes me excited about flu shots.

I love this weekend so much. Only 363 more days until I get to do it again!!!

Friday night we got in late. I basically went right to bed so that the next day we could get up and go to the festival!!!

Photo Oct 05, 10 35 49 AM

I love this festival so much. Awesome vendors, great selection, but not over-crowded. I can look around, then go back around again and get what I wanted. No pressure. It’s fantastic. More on the purchases later. I promise.

So after the festival we headed home for dinner…and these awesome ladies gave me the most amazing card…and I lost it. Cried at dinner. They also got me a little gift to wish me well for the following weekend (this coming weekend) when I will complete my first-ever marathon. The full 26.2. The big dance.

*falls over*

So…I’m as prepared as I can be. More on that…next week.

Oh holy God I’m actually doing this, aren’t I? Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.



So. Stash that got acquired….

Photo Oct 06, 7 33 55 PM


From leftish to rightish: 1) Spinning gift bag from friend’s mom. Included a new lap pad for spinning WITH POCKETS!! What??!? Yes. 2) Alpaca fleece from friend’s mom is under that. AWESOMESAUCE. I almost bought one and was regretting it. She had some to spare. SO COOL. 3) Spindle and 3oz fiber for a gift for a friend that worked all weekend at the yarn store for me so I could go play!!! 4) 6 oz each of merino in slate and burgundy. Goal is to spin for the Tempest sweater. 5) White merino for dying. 6) So…I had a dream the night before the show. I dreamed I was knitting the Rocky Coast Cardigan….and I was wearing it in my engagement photos. So I bought yarn to make it. Why not. I feel like if something comes to you in a dream and it’s reasonable…you should follow that notion. 7) Random 3.5oz of cormo that was purchased to go with hard to see 8) which is my new supported spindle!!!! IS SO PRETTY!!! Better pictures later. 9) Spinners Book of Yarn Designs. *drool* Had wanted for awhile. Friends mom had it and I spent all weekend lusting over it. So I bought one. Then 10/11) is the gifty from the amazing friends and the card.

Fantastic weekend.

Well…3 days until Baltimore. I better get packed!!!


One Week

Holy merino, it’s fall.

How…HOW is there only ONE week until Montpelier?!? One week!! ONE!!! I have ONE WEEK to prepare!!!

Yes, fiber festivals do require preparation. Especially that of the monetary variety. I have to find money!! I need to take my jar’o’change to the Coinstar machine and cash it in for shopping money. Also, this will require me to pillage my purse and the couch cushions for any extra coinage that I can come up with. Every little bit helps!

Oh…I should check the car too.

And behind the desk.

And my work bag…

And drawers.

I need cash.

Anyway, once the financial front is all clear (which…it so totally isn’t realistically…what with my big dumb dog eating PLASTIC and having to go to the vet last week…dummy.) then I will have to plan my shopping strategy. I know that I want a new drop spindle because I collect them for no good reason other than that they are pretty and I started spinning on them and got addicted. Then I want needles of some sort…because that’s another thing I like to collect for no good reason.

Other than that…I’m not sure what I want in the way of fiber. Probably something that starts with “S” and ends with “ock”…I don’t have an addiction. I don’t have a problem. I CAN QUIT WHEN I WANT!!!

So once I’ve planned and plotted I need to PACK! I’ll be leaving right after work…one week from RIGHT NOW and hopping in my good friend’s car to drive to her mom’s house. It’s around a 3 hour drive so I’ll also need to pack car appropriate projects…

But before I plan…and pillage…and pack…I kind of made this really dumb promise to myself.

I promised to spin.

A lot.

Spin the fiber I got LAST year at Montpelier…granted I didn’t promise to spin ALL of it because that would get in to some serious poundage…but anyway…there’s this 8oz of pretty, pretty fiber I said I’d spin.

Seafoam! Isn't it preeeetty?

Aaaaaand I’m only about halfway through.

And there’s ONE week left. And um…I work full time. Oh and I’m training for a half marathon.

So…WHEN do I have time to sit down and spin?? Gee I don’t know…never? PLUS it’s Christmas Knitting season and don’t EVEN get me started about that.

But yeah. ONE WEEK.



Etsy Announcement!


If you are coming to Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet February 11th-13th come find me along with my good friend from Unplanned Peacock Studios!

If you stop by and mention you’ve visited my Etsy or blog I’ll give you a code for 20% off on anything in my Etsy store (http://www.etsy.com/shop/PinkCowgirl) good through the end of the month!!! Limit one per household.

Come on out to the fiber fest and see us!!

Knit One Purl Two Necklace

Knit One Purl Two Necklace

Knit One Purl Two Necklace (another view)

Knit One Purl Two Necklace (another view)

Knit One Purl Two Earrings

Knit One Purl Two Earrings

Don’t miss us at Pittsburgh KnC!!!