Bullet Journal monthly review: July 2017

Hello friends!

July is wrapping up so I thought I would do a review of this month in my bullet journal. This was the first month I did a theme all the way throughout the month. For the most part I did like it for a few reasons. The first being that I didn’t have to go through the dilemma of picking new colors each week. Another plus to this method was I had something to draw in the blank spaces, so my pages looked a lot more full, which I enjoy. Then finally I just liked the overall look of the month being all in the same color scheme. It’s easy to flip through the pages and see that all of these things go together.

If I look at my monthly tracker, the month started off really well. I filled things out daily and didn’t miss too many of my daily habits. But then in the last week of the month I really fell off the rails. I wasn’t feeling well, I wasn’t managing my time well, and I just didn’t get things done.

July Trackers 2017 | Alifeofprojecst.JPG

I did several doodles this month rather than printing pictures to fill in blank spaces. I like this method but sometimes I didn’t manage to color the doodles in so it looks a little sad still. I will probably go back and still print a few pictures of the big events of the month.

July Doodles | Alifeofproject.JPG

I also realized I’m maybe trying to tackle too much in my daily habits. I think I am going to scale back for August, and once I am consistent with whatever I’ve chosen, then I can work on replacing some or adding in some additional habits. The big ones I have not done well will are my “No TV” goal, my violin practice goal and my “Finances” goal. I definitely want to work on finances for August so I’ll be keeping that one but I will probably let some others go.

July Bujo Trackers 2017 | Alifeofprojects.JPG

Overall, I really liked keeping the same theme and I think I’m going to scale back on some habits to have a better balance in my life for August. I’ve already picked the theme for August, and I will be switching to a new bullet journal as my current one is full, so watch for both of those posts!

Bullet Journal Monthly July 2017 | Alifeofprojects.jpg


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