Bullet Journal July Theme

Hello friends!

Trying to get back into this blogging thing. My good friend whom I shall call A…inspired me by asking a ton of questions about my Bujo and now she’s hooked too! So I thought I’d make this a regular part of my blog.

This month I decided to try a theme for the whole month. I’ve not done that in the past, usually I switch things up every week but with work and everything else that has been getting a little hard to deal with.

I decided to go with the theme of cacti and succulents this month since July is pretty hot and dry where I live. I’m also good at drawing these things so….cheating. 🙂

July Bullet Journal Monthly | LifeofProjects

I gave myself space to add in my monthly To Do’s and played around a little with the July header. I’m not sure if I love the lines dropping in to the monthly boxes but because July takes up 6 week-lines and I loathe half-boxes….I had to make it work.

July Bullet Journal Monthly | LifeofProjects

For the weekly spread I’ve got my standard format pretty set in stone. I like equal sized boxes for each day, even weekends, even if I don’t fill them all out at the start of the week. I need to get better at going back and filling them in during the week…

This week was the 4th of July here in the States, but it’s also my dad’s birthday. This is the first year I haven’t been able to spend it with him so it was a little hard.

I also added a sleep tracker that you can kind of see there beside the weather tracker. I’ve not been feeling energized and….I think I might have to work on my sleep hygeine! I’m adding this tracker to this week as well because….I didn’t hit my target of 8 hours any nights. 😦

July Bullet Journal Monthly | LifeofProjects

This is what my daily looks like right now. I’ve switched up the daily header for July and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I love banners….but I like the fully colored in look better than the half-colored….but the issue is coloring around the tiny sun and rain symbols. It gets really hard not to have the yellow get covered up by the color of the banner.

I did really like having the set color theme and having the cactus theme to add in days when I didn’t really have much on the schedule.

July Bullet Journal Monthly | LifeofProjects

Now it’s time for BuJo Confessional Time.

I don’t finish things.

Yep. I plan them but I don’t finish them. And it’s almost always the weekend when I fall off the bujo wagon. Friday went well….mostly. I was a little rushed as we had a post-work outing with a friend so I didn’t go back and fill things in.

Then Saturday….I slept in because we were out WAY late….and then all day Saturday we were busy with grocery shopping and housework. I did not sit down almost all day Saturday and then we went out to hear a friend’s friend’s band play.

Sunday…surely I can get some planning done. The majority of Sunday morning the husband and I went out for a walk…8 miles so not a short one. Then we came home and did our meal prep for the week. This usually takes 3-5 hours so finally around 5pm I managed to prep for next week but wasn’t able to fill in the weekend.

It was a lot of fun but…I felt very unorganized all weekend and it tends to bleed over into the next week. Normally what I will do to deal with the blank space is go back over the month, note where I’ve got a lot of blank space (sometimes it’s left intentionally) and go through my photos and select ones to print and add to my pages. I print the pictures out on sticker paper so it’s easy to just add them in.

What do you do with your blank space? Have you tried one of the photo printers for your BuJo? Leave me a comment!

July Bullet Journal Monthly | LifeofProjects


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