Project Kitchen Compost!

This week’s new project is composting in a tiny, tiny (not NYC tiny, but still tiny with 2 people and 2 pets) apartment.


Well because my darling fiance brought this home and thought it would be a great 30th birthday gift. Bless his heart.

Photo Apr 08, 5 19 43 PM

His logic was I love gardening, and have told him that garden-related things are ALWAYS acceptable for birthday presents. Perhaps I should have been more specific? Haha.

He did also get me an awesome soil monitoring device that I haven’t been able to play with yet. That was pretty exciting. And I know he has other stuff. The big Three-Oh doesn’t happen until Saturday. *deep breaths*

He said he would just take the composter back, but I told him to let me do some googling. After looking over several blogs I decided we could give it a shot. (Basically the internet guilt tripped me because I’m not already composting and that makes me a BAD, BAD wannabe hippie.) Besides, I have a tiny apartment garden…all containers…so more nutrients couldn’t hurt!

Given the design of my mini-composter I determined that anaerobic composting would be best for us (I think that’s which one I choose, let me know if my description isn’t correct, haha!). The worm thing sounded GREAT at first…the biologist in me loves worms…but then I read too many worm murder stories and gave that one up until I have…like a garage or something.

Basically what I did (fiance did) was cleaned the pot…because it had sat out and gotten icky at Lowes and put a scoop of dirt in the bottom. Then I (fiance again) dumped the coffee grounds in the bucket. Next I (really me this time) had to figure out WHERE to put the pot…as we do have a dog who is fairly rambunctious it had to go somewhere out of the way. I decided under the kitchen sink is best. From what I read, outside may not be a good option, so this is what we will try. My pot also has a charcoal filter, but the internet told me if I’m doing my compost properly then I shouldn’t have a stench. And the internet NEVER lies.

Then after cooking some stuff, I threw in my eggshells, some spinach that had landed in the kitchen sink on accident (Iiiimmm a germaphobe and won’t cook/eat anything that landed in the sink) and then a tomato top.

Photo Apr 09, 2 22 48 PM

According to the wonderful internet it’s now time for some newspaper strips!!

Photo Apr 09, 2 23 49 PM (1)

And…now we just keep going? From what I can research, you want to have about equal parts of Browns and Greens. Browns being your dirt, paper, etc. Non stinky things. Greens being the eggshells and veggies and coffee grounds.

Somehow I think 90% of my compost will be coffee grounds…hmm….high nitrogen content anyone?

So I’ll keep you all updated with how it goes. The all-knowing internet says if it gets too mushy I can drain off the liquid and use it as liquid fertilizer in my container garden. So far, no smell!! At least I can’t smell it….Oh gosh, I’ve been home for like 3 days…maybe it smells and I just haven’t noticed!! MUST FIND A FRIEND TO SNIFF MY APARTMENT!!!

Do you compost? Indoors? Any tips?? Are you thinking about starting?? Start your composter with me!


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