Big Orange Update

Well, the decision has been made, mostly due to the class and the articles we read related to blogging and our professions. I’ve decided to attempt two blogs. A colleague of mine runs two blogs, one professional and one craft-tastic one. Granted, she’s out of school and in her career…but still, I think I can attempt it. My main goal behind this is to improve my writing. This would force me to at least write SOMETHING twice a week…even if it’s not academic writing. (I solemnly swear to not APA cite things at you.)

So this blog will continue. It will IMPROVE. I will take care of it and post regularly. I can do this.

However we may not cover all topics every time…but we shall see.

Let’s move on to….

Knitting News:

I FINISHED TWO PAIR OF SOCKS IN ONE DAY!! What?!?!?!?! Yes. Yes I did.

Notice that I said “finished”. Not “start to finished”. Haha.

Photo Sep 02, 9 09 44 PM

Photo Sep 02, 9 11 37 PM

Both are just plain vanilla socks. The top pair had only been on the needles for a month. The bottom….heh. Let’s not talk about that. But I’m super excited to have two new pairs of socks to add to the collection, so of course I immediately cast on two more pair. One short pair and one tall again. Haha. The tall ones will be my Vols socks!!! YEAH!!! GO BIG ORANGE!!!! The short ones are for my favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN!! Then I’m also working on a hitchhiker out of my Into The Whirled ❤ handspun from TDF!!! 

Photo Aug 10, 7 00 18 PM


I’m loving the hitchhiker but…I keep either forgetting to bind off, or forgetting to kfb in places. Oh well. It’ll have some character, right??? It’s striping up nicely. I think I have around 18 points so far. I’m determined to hit 42. I mean it IS the answer, after all.



In other news, DF and I went to one of the biggest flea markets in the country that just so happens to be about an hour from where we live. I love this flea market so much. I’ve gone almost every year since I was little. Mom and dad stopped going while I was in college, but I continued to go and drug friends along. Thankfully DF LOVES flea marketing too.

We got a nifty shelf that was pretty dinged up, but a little sand, dusting, and spray paint turned my $6 investment in to some awesome bathroom storage. Here’s the before and after:

Photo Sep 01, 6 07 47 PM


Cute, right?? It’s now hanging on the bathroom wall holding all the clutter that I had on our tiiiiiny bathroom sink. Then I also got this uber-cute drawer for $5 (I tried hard for $3 but he wouldn’t budge.) I needed it for storage for my BPAL collection. Worked. Out. PERFECTLY. The box on the top shelf holds all the imps (tiny samples) and the rest are my different sniffies, now sorted by overall scent…beach, halloween, floral, etc. If you know and love BPAL, you get this. If you don’t…then go get some. Right now. You’ll thank me.

Photo Sep 01, 6 15 23 PM

And yes, there’s one empty slot. There is a BPAL order somewhere in the universe on it’s way to me right now. I shall fill it with the things.

You seriously have no idea how long I stood in the bathroom admiring my flea market finds on Sunday. Seriously. The cat even joined me to soak in the awesome for awhile. Technically I think he was debating if he could jump on them and reach a higher level at his Kitty Kingdom but I like to think he was appreciating my new decor.


So since this blog is my hobby-life only, I did start a new professional blog. It’s about my experiences in grad school, my research, my frustrations in grad school, and my main interest of the field of evaluation. If you have any interest, go check it out, otherwise just hang out here! Things may cross over from time to time, but that’s cool, right?

Ok good.

Well, we’re off tomorrow to see my FAVORITE college football team play. I’ve packed all the orange and white I can fit in a bag. I’ve got the car flags and magnets ready, my nails are orange and white, tickets are printed and packed….we are so ready for this!!!

GO VOLS!!!!!!!!!!

More next week!! (I promise.)


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