Blog Neglect Decisions

Alright, clearly, I don’t have time to blog in the summer….much less the school year. But occasionally classes force me to do it. I usually delete those blogs entirely once the course is completed. So those blogs get the attention…this one suffers.

But now I have a decision…let this blog suffer, or incorporate the current (actually somewhat different and relevant to my life) course requirement of blogging in to this blog.

The current course is designed for graduate students who want to become faculty or teachers in some capacity. So…that is my plan…to BE faculty…but…I don’t know, it just doesn’t consume my life like it does for some people? I mean I’m excited about my field of study, I LOVE IT SO MUCH, but it seems boring to write a blog about….maybe I could work on conveying my excitement more? I’m not sure.

Anyway, so for this class I need to blog about becoming a better teacher and such…and this professor is very innovative and lets us direct the blog…so I’m not assigned “This week you write about Bloom’s Taxonomy”…so that helps…

So here’s my question to you: Do I fit a paragraph or so in about class in an effort to keep myself actually blogging on this blog all semester…OR…do I run two blogs…and hope I can keep up? I don’t have the option of trying it for awhile, then switching since this IS for class and other class-people need to read it…soooo…yeah.

So….head over and answer the poll!!!



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