Dear Downstairs Neighbor

Welcome to a new segment. We shall call it “Dear Downstairs Neighbor”. Enjoy.

Dear Downstairs Neighbor,

Your dog barks. A lot. She has separation anxiety. I know this from my years working at a veterinarians office and also experiencing it with my own dog. I, however, realized my dog was freaking out during my absence, and did a little light googling, and fixed that within a few weeks.

You…do not seem to realize your dog is stressed out beyond all reason. Your dog begins to bark about 2.5 seconds after you leave your residence, and continues to bark and howl until you return. Recently this behavior has escalated until the dog is scratching at whatever contraption you have it confined in. I do approve your use of crating or containing your dog for her safety during your outings, but you have to see the obvious signs of digging and scratching as I can HEAR THIS GOING ON from a floor above you.

My suggestion to you is to help your dog through this. It is possible to remedy her stress. You just have to work on it.

Should you choose to continue to let your dog bark, I have formulated a polite note explaining that your dog barks. Constantly. This will be on your door the next time it happens. I’ll put it there when you’re away from home. Your dog will tell me when it’s time.

Oh, and she tried to bite the face off my dog the other day when your dim-witted new wife was too busy talking on the phone to hold on to the leash and your dog got away from her. I am not impressed by your mating selection or your dog rearing capabilities.
Love and stomping,

-The people upstairs who like it quiet at 4am




2 thoughts on “Dear Downstairs Neighbor

    • Well…I guess I’m assuming they will eventually mate. I hope not though. But either way she seems kind of ditzy and that’s coming from a blonde…

      But then again I frown upon anyone who lets a barking growling dog lunge at my 50lb (harmless and scared of the cat but still scary looking) pit bull. Blonde or not…that’s just lacking intelligence.

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