Seriously? He Said That??

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let it be known that on this, the twelfth day of February in the 2012th year of our Lord and Lady….my boyfriend just stated the following:

“You can never have too much yarn, right honey?”

Yes. He said that. He did. At approximately 5:40pm he uttered that statement. This has now been entered in to the public record in every way I could possibly think of. I am keeping this one.

Also he is now a tad flustered by my reaction and trying to redact his statement. He’s beginning to realize the grave, grave error he just made in giving me free reign in any yarny area I can afford. Poor thing. I love him dearly. He just has no idea what he just did to himself. For the rest of his life I will remind him of this. Poor, poor man.

Here’s a little insight in to what exactly my stash looks like….

Around 150 different listings in Rav. About 30% have multiple skeins and some are fiber for spinning. Ohhh the poor man.

Just wait until he has to help me move it all, come June!!! HA!!!!!!

You heard it here first, folks. I CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH YARN!!!!!!!!!

Watch out Loopy Ewe…here I come.




He’s still trying to figure out the magnitude of his error. It may take him years….or Rhinebeck to grasp…



One thought on “Seriously? He Said That??

  1. haha:) this made me laugh!! my husband said the same thing, but i didn’t document it! 🙂 i try to be good, but sometimes it is hard:) what is the song you have playing on the video? i like it!

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