Two Socks Doth Not A Pair Make

MUAHAHAHHAHA I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED THINGS!!!! Well a few things. I’m a little bit closer to accomplishing my outrageous Christmas goals of what…13 things? Yeah…about that…

I finished two socks!!! Please note that I did NOT finish a pair of socks, however. Granted they are the same pattern…just plain vanilla…but they are not the same size. They are also not the same color…and they are not for the same person…but I FINISHED TWO SOCKS, DARNIT!!!!

2 pairs.

2 pairs.

See? Red Sock, Green Sock! Both are first socks…so…gotta work on this. I cast on for the second red sock which is for my aunt. The green sock is for my sister and I haven’t cast on for that one just yet….she may beat me if she sees this.

Then I cast on for some mittens for a special little man who cannot be named because his mommy might read this and if she does she freaking better act surprised on Christmas…

Mittens for a Small Person

Mittens for a Small Person

So I cast those on…Wednesday I think…and finished Friday. Then I started a hat Friday and finished it Saturday. GO ME!!!

Aaaand I’d really like to show you the hat but every time I try to upload the picture…it disappears from the Gallery. No idea what that’s about but anyway…it’s for my friend’s husband and it’s their favorite football team’s colors and…yeah. So I made a hat. It’s just a ribbed hat, simple, no frills.

So that’s 2 more projects complete…and two halves of others done…

4 still need to be cast on.

4 need to be completed but are cast on.

6 are DONE.

Then there’s one that’s a maybe…but doubtful.

Wait how did I get to 15 projects??? Is that right?!?! What on earth….

Ok. I need to stop typing on here and go do school work or knitting work. EEK!!! LESS THAN A MONTH TO GO!!!!!





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