Ow My Eyes

My eyeballs hurt.

It feels like someone may have poured vinegar in to them then rubbed it out with sandpaper.



Wollmeise is why. You know what I mean…you’ve thought about it. Maybe you haven’t stalked just yet…maybe you have only heard the murmurings over on Ravelry…but you know. Deep down…you know.

Maybe you’ve even see then story of the best boyfriend ever. Now that? That’s amazing.

So around 6:00 I sat down on the couch to watch a guilty pleasure show which shall not be named…I was about to pull out my wheel…but then I thought “Ya know…I’d really like to get a travel wheel…let’s go see what that costs”. So I googled. I wandered Susan’s Fiber Shop…then the Woolery…then of course Etsy…then…then I thought “wool…wool…wollmeise….”

And 2.5 hours later my eyes feel like they were sand blasted and acid washed. Because I searched. And stalked. And ebay’d. And messaged. And calculated. And tried to learn German…

And I found the perfect skein. And it’s in the UK. And the dollar is crap compared the to euro…and….yeah I’m going to go broke because of German yarn bought from England with a weak-a$$ dollar.


Crap on a stick.


Happy Friday.


I’m blind now.

….but it’s sooooo pretty…………….


3 thoughts on “Ow My Eyes

  1. Oh, now I see. But really, you can’t blame yourself for falling in the face of Wollmeise…


    (Must. Not. Start. Looking at Wollmeise. Resolve slipping….)

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