Boatload of Random

Welcome to the Wonderful Wednesday of RANDOM!!!

I have made some pretty awesome discoveries lately.

  1. I own 4 pairs of size 8 needles, and 2 identical size 9 circ’s.
  2. Needles hurt but I don’t pass out as long as it’s not a doctor holding the needle.
  3. I am not scared of heights, I’m scared of the ground and going towards it quickly.
  4. I drive a halibut.
  5. My cat thinks he is invincible.

Lesson 1: The first discovery was made when I found an AWESOME app for my Droid. The app is KnitStash and it is the answer to my prayers.

You see…I have the problem of just buying the needles I need for a project…when I’m at the store buying the yarn….I rarely think to look at HOME for the needles. No. That would make too much sense.

I keep trying to put my needles in to Ravelry…but I get all confused as to what I have, and what I’ve given to mom…and the metal ones I’ve gotten rid of…I mean I love Rav and the needle section…but printing the card just doesn’t work.

However…something in my phone? YEAH. That never leaves my side. So when I found that app, I went nuts. You can put in your needles, hooks, and projects! It also has a counter so you can use it for multiple projects…I can count rows on a sock, and stitches on a shawl!!!

Lesson 2: So…I got my second tattoo. *gasp* Yeah. The first one…didn’t really count. It’s Tiiiiiiiny. Teeny tiny even. This one is bigger…maybe 3x3in. And it’s right on my hip bone so…little painful. I laughed through the first part…then the pain hit and I wasn’t really laughing anymore. At one point I started wishing I was fat so there would be some padding between the needle and my bone! But I pulled through.

Fresh Ink!

Fresh Ink!

Lesson 3: Next I learned to suck up my fear of heights and get over it. I went rock climbing for the very first time!!! It was at an indoor gym about an hour from where I live. It was a BLAST. I also learned that you have GOT to trust that person on the ground and they really need to know what they are doing! I got a ton of pictures and videos.

Lesson 4: Auto text hates me. I tried to type “Chevy Malibu” but got “Chevy halibut”. Yes. I drive a white fish. Win.

Lesson 5: My dear kitty cat decided the top of my bathroom door was where he should be. He lept from the top of the bathroom counter…to the ONE INCH WIDE bathroom door. How he stuck that landing…I don’t know. But being the good cat-mommy I am…I ran for the camera.

Watch for a much more yarn-y update this weekend…and more pictures later today possibly. 🙂


18 thoughts on “Boatload of Random

    • Yeah, I need to save up for some bigger ones I want! The good news is my tattoo shop has an Ink Club kind of thing…so I get points for getting tattoos, and any friends I refer. One more friend or tattoo and I get a BIG tattoo half off!!!!

  1. Love the tattoo! If I get another it’ll probably be knitting and sewing related. And, that Knitstash app sounds brilliant. I think I have at least 1 dozen sets of 5mm needles, yet I end up buying more…

    • Yeah, eventually I’m getting a big pink ball of yarn with two needles through it on my back. That will be awhile though.

  2. Love the new tat! I have a very large one (took 3 sessions, 9.5 hours total) that spans my entire lower back, but I’ve been wanting to get a small teeny one somewhere else. Maybe sometime soon! 🙂

    And that is hilarious that your cat is hanging out ON your bathroom door… now that takes courage.

  3. You wouldn’t believe how many duplicate needles I have. Last I checked I had twelve US 7 – 16″ circs! I do make a lot of hats, but even that’s a bit much. Thanks for visiting my blog and posting a comment!

  4. Love the kitty on the door, love the tatoo, love the humor.

    So, do you think you’ll get a tatoo of a halibut next? I’ve always wanted to see what a white fish with wheels looks like.

    Great fun. Thanks.

  5. Haha, I love your cat. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see my cat attempt that, though I expect she’d get a face full of door. I’m impressed your kitty managed to turn around up there!

    • I wish I had actually SEEN the feat. I just heard it and knew before I turned around what he had done…crazy little fluff ball.

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